LongWalk Trips

Where do you start?

Level 1 trips

Level 1 trips are 3-day trips in Arkansas or Oklahoma, a short getaway that nevertheless provides the same leadership experience as our weeklong Level 3 trips.

Each trip has two volunteers from the organization and one of our experienced volunteer guides with a wilderness first responder rating.

Before the trip, we meet with parents and participants so they can ask questions and we can address any concerns. The kids don’t bring anything other than personal clothing. LongWalk provides all the gear.
We meet at the trail head. From that point forward, the students are in charge of everything: navigating the trail, setting up camp, cooking, everything. They decide when to stop, where to camp, when to eat. We only step in if safety issues are involved.

Every day, that day’s leadership is given peer and adult evaluation. At the end of the trip, we meet them back at the trail head, and students evaluate the volunteers who came with them.

Level 2 Service

With the Level 2 Service, students have the opportunity to get involved with a local charity. They partner with a nonprofit to plan a work day project involving groups of 8-12 friends and family from all over the area.

Level 2 Service helps student leaders branch out to learn about other nonprofits and to see how they can serve the community where they live. At the same time, the nonprofits get a chance to recruit teenagers.

Recent Level 2 trips include the Senior Star retirement community, Riverparks Turkey Mountain cleanup, and Therapetics.

Level 3 Trips

love-the-view Our weeklong Level 3 trips take students out into the Weiminuche Wilderness near Durango, Colorado. We begin these trips in June and continue them through the first week of August.

Just like with the Level 1 trips, students don’t need to bring anything other than their personal clothing. LongWalk will provide all the necessary camping gear. We’ll also meet with parents and participants beforehand to address any concerns and answer any questions.

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